Statement of Environmental Effects

A Statement of Environmental Effects forms the basis of your Development Application.

First Field Environmental takes a pragmatic, solutions-focused approach to managing impact assessments and approvals.

We work with you to understand your project – from its inception through to delivery – and recommend the most appropriate strategies to secure your preferred outcome.

By bringing together specialists with expertise in planning, risk assessment, environmental auditing, impact mitigation, and stakeholder engagement, we provide advice on ways to minimise the potential impacts of your project, reduce the compliance costs, expedite the approval process, and facilitate community acceptance.

Whether you need a review of environmental factors, development advice or a full environmental impact assessment and project approvals, the team at First Field Environmental can ensure the best strategy is developed and executed to achieve the timely and cost-effective delivery of your project.

Case Study

Development approval for the proposed waste management facility was granted and our client is now in the construction phase.

Our client required DA approval for the change of use of an existing warehouse to a waste management facility, accepting general and recyclable waste for sorting, storage and transport.

The property is located in the Georges River Catchment. The existing structure is located on a flood plain and is in an area mapped as having potential acid sulfate soils.

First Field Environmental prepared a Statement of Environmental Effects to identify the potential impacts of demolition, construction and installation of truck wash-down, dust suppression and weighing equipment.

Our report showed that the proposed resource recovery facility was permissible with consent in IN1 – General Industrial zoning and required additional consent under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 as integrated development.

We helped our client to navigate the DA process for integrated development and liaised with Council and the EPA to address relevant legislative and licensing requirements.

We provided our client with a Statement of Environmental Effects showing that the development would be consistent with the aims, objectives and planning principles of:

  • the relevant SEPPs;
  • Local Environmental Plan; Develpment Control Plan;
  • Protection of the Environment Operation Act 1997; and
  • Greater Metropolitan Regional Environmental Plan No 2 – Georges River Catchment