Why First Field Environmental?

At First Field Environmental, we provide tailored environmental services to support projects throughout their entire lifecycle.

From start to finish, we take a collaborative approach to helping you to manage your regulatory approvals, develop robust construction and operation plans, build stakeholder trust, optimise environmental and social performance, meet compliance obligations, and mitigate your risks.

Our team of environmental professionals comprise engineers, scientists and field technicians have expertise across all project phases in the built and natural environments.

Environmental Impact Assessments

First Field Environmental takes a pragmatic, solutions-focused approach to managing impact assessments and approvals.
We work collaboratively with you to understand your project – from its inception through to delivery – and recommend the most appropriate strategies to secure your preferred outcome.

By bringing together specialists with expertise in planning, risk assessment, environmental auditing, impact mitigation, and stakeholder engagement, we provide strategic advice on ways to minimise the potential impacts of your project, reduce the compliance costs, expedite the approval process, and facilitate community acceptance.

Whether you need a review of environmental factors, development advice or a full environmental impact assessment and project approvals, the experienced team at First Field Environmental can ensure the best strategy is developed and executed to achieve the timely and cost-effective delivery of your project.

Ecological Studies

Integrating the natural environment into the planning and decision-making process can be critical for the success of your project.

The early identification and assessment of the flora and fauna constraints of a development has the potential to avoid or mitigate impacts, streamline the project approvals and benefit the community.

Our ecologists work with local governments, land management agencies, planning authorities, land and infrastructure developers, and water authorities to deliver outcomes that achieve your project objectives while protecting and managing the flora and fauna.

We have a strong record in delivering the following ecological services:

  • Terrestrial and aquatic ecological surveys, monitoring and analysis
  • Baseline flora and vegetation surveys
  • Targeted Threatened and Priority Flora searches
  • Condition mapping
  • Weed surveys
  • Rehabilitation plans
  • Wetland assessments
  • Vegetation clearing permits
  • Flora and fauna impact assessments and management plans, including plans for threatened species
  • Natural resource policy management and evaluation

Bushfire Assessment and Planning

At First Field Environmental, our BPAD accredited specialists provide a holistic, integrated solution to assessing, planning, managing and monitoring bush fire risk. They combine years of practical experience with their in-depth knowledge to determine bush fire attack levels, address hazard reduction requirements, establish complex bush fire management plans, develop ongoing bush fire hazard mitigation schedules, advise on annual monitoring and reporting requirements, and produce BPAD Level 2 plans.

Management and Monitoring

From small developments to major infrastructure projects, our specialists assist with assessing and managing the risk to the environment and help you to satisfy your approval requirements and corporate environmental policies.

The potential risks to the environment occur and change over a project lifecycle. Our first-hand experience in the field gives us a unique understanding of when and where the environmental risks can arise and lets us tailor the proposed management and monitoring activities specifically to your project.

With extensive practical know-how, we prepare and review management plans and provide strategic support in addressing Conditions of Approval, ongoing land management scheduling, and annual monitoring and reporting requirements.

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